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Privacy Policy

Hey guys. Just to cover the legal stuff, please take a look at Nick's Privacy Policy. Hopefully it'll leave you confident that any data you give us is safe & in good hands. If not, drop us a line at and we'll answer any questions. 

The Bottom Line

Essentially, we will use your data; name, address, telephone number, email, or anything else you might tell us about yourself, to fulfil any book orders, enquiries or events.

We don't collect data to be noisy or for the hell of it. And we'll never sell it on to anyone else. Not today & certainly not tomorrow. 

Bottom line, we use it to make your life and ours easier.; to call you back, email dates, plan events. Maybe even drop a book across to you. We'll also use it to get feedback on how the site is working and how we can improve things; it's always good to stay ahead of the game. 


It goes without saying, that we'll only ever use your data legally. 

The Goldsmith Group

Nick is the co-founder of Hidden Valley Bushcraft and the Woodland Warrior Programme. Two pretty awesome organisations that you can check out separately. 

When relevant we may share data with each other; which again only helps to improve the overall experience you have with us. 

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or your data, the best way to reach us is through


Here's a list of the sort of information we might have in our records:

  • Information about your identity – your first and last names, title, your company name and your address. 

  • Your contact details – which also includes your delivery and billing addresses as well as your email address and telephone numbers.

  • Information about your book orders with external suppliers.

  • The techy stuff – like your internet protocol (IP) address; the type of browser you’re using to view our website and any plug-ins it might have; your computer’s time zone and location; and the type of device you’re looking at our website on (including its operating system and the technology that might be on it).

  • Information about how you use our website.

  • Your preferences (like whether you want to receive our emails)

  • Any feedback you’ve given us (on surveys or by getting in touch with us).

  • Whether you’ve entered any of our competitions or prize draws.


How we collect it

We collect our data directly from you; when you fill in a form or get in touch with us by email, phone or social media.


We also get data through other companies; Google, for example who will give us search engine data and analytics.

Some data will automatically be collected through cookies on the website. You can find out more about that through our cookie policy.


We use four types of cookie:

  • Essential cookies: these make our website work as it should, like logging into secure areas of the site to enter payment information when you check out.

  • Analytical/performance cookies: we can recognise and count the number of people visiting our site as well as understanding how you use it with the help of these cookies. It’s how we can make improvements such as helping you find what you’re looking for more quickly.

  • Functionality cookies: these tell us that you’re somebody returning to our website so we can remember any preferences you’ve shared, like your choice of language or closest store.

  • Targeting cookies: the final sort of cookie tells us what pages you’ve visited on our website. We’ll use this information to make sure any advertising we show you is more relevant, based on what you’ve looked at before. The hope being, you won’t be shown anything generic.

What we use it for.

  • To register you as our customer

  • To put through your order and deliver it to you

  • To get in touch with you if we need to (for example is we change our privacy policy, to ask for your feedback, or to see if you’d like to receive our emails – and sending them to you if you do)  

  • To let you know of Nick's podcast/TV appearances. Or when he may be going live on social media.

  • To enter you into one of our prize draws or competitions, or so you can fill out a survey

  • To keep things running smoothly, troubleshooting & teething problems. 

  • So we can show you things that are relevant to you (on our website and in our advertising), and recommend things you might be interested in

  • So we can improve our website, the services we offer and the things we make, and the experiences you have with us.

You can be absolutely assured that we only ever use your data lawfully. 

Who we share with (and why)

We certainly won't be sharing with just anyone; we're pretty choosy as to who we work & collaborate with. 

When appropriate, to enhance your experience, we'll share your data with Hidden Valley Bushcraft & the Woodland Warrior Programme. We'll also, from time to time, share with partners we collaborate on events and projects with. And, of course, couriers and external book suppliers. 

Whether our partner is based in UK, the EU or anywhere else in the world, we make sure the same rules apply, and they can only use your data for what we’ve asked for; essentially the fulfilment of your order/enquiry/event. 

How we keep your data safe

Keeping your information safe is paramount. We do everything we can to keep it that way.  If the worst happened and there was a breach, we'd let you know. 

Your legal rights

At any time, you can ask us to:

  • Show you the information we have about you

  • Correct it

  • Delete or stop using it

  • Change the way we use it

If you've signed up to receive emails or marketing, you can also do that at any time too.

That's about everything you need to know. Thanks so much for reading through this far. If we think of anything else, we'll update and let you know. 

(Last updated November '23)

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